Relax, Recharge, Rejoice – The Benefits of Corporate Massage

Sitting hunched in front of a computer or in an office can take a physical and mental toll on a person’s body. During a busy workday it can feel impossible to find time for a mental health break. But don’t fret, corporate massages are changing the name of the game! Midday massages that come directly to your office space make finding time for a much-needed break convenient and will promote a happier and healthier work place.

Overcoming the Afternoon Dip

Whenever people reach the ‘half-way’ mark during a day, it is common to run into the familiar feeling of sluggishness and overall fatigue. This is commonly known as the afternoon dip, where energy begins to fall and productivity goes down with it. A quick fifteen-minute massage does just the trick to help employees incorporate variety into their routine and reap the positive benefits of massage. A big thing that factors into the afternoon dip is also lack of sleep or disruptive sleep patterns according to the University of Rochester. Luckily, regular massage works to improve sleep routines!

Physical Health & Increased Immunity

Whether you are bent over at a desk all day or seem to be on your feet 24/7, we all know about those stubborn aches and pains that just don’t seem to go away. A fifteen-minute massage once a week can completely change this though! By reducing tension and muscular pain, the Institute for Integrative Healthcare says that massage will increase your energy levels.

Midday massages have long term benefits as well, such as increased immune system health. With short weekday massages, tension is released and with less stress and pent up anxiety, your immune system will be in tip-top shape. This means less sick days, improved work productivity, and a better you!

Mental Health & Better Sleep

Massage not only feels wonderful, but it is also a huge benefit in regards to clearing your head without having to leave the office. A quick massage will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day! With improved concentration and released stress and tension, you are bound to have more productive days at work.

Even when we put our work down for the day and go home, our stress usually decides to tag along with us. This stress affects our sleep patterns and can deeply impact our mental health if we are getting too little sleep. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, massage techniques are reported to greatly help with getting a better night’s rest. By improving your sleep routine you will wake up refreshed and be ready to take on the day with an increase in your production level as well as your rate of concentration.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Happy Office

Providing corporate massage perks for employees not only benefits the individual, it also benefits the entirety of the work place. Having midday massage breaks once in a while relieves stress which leads to better team work and communication. By lessening tension within individuals, in turn team members and co-workers will thrive within a healthy and happier work place. Improved group moral will benefit the company and makes for a productive and enjoyable work experience for everyone involved.

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