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Tousled for Brides

Looking for “the one”? Book Tousled for Brides. You can customize your bridal package and even choose your own professional. Browse photos and read reviews from 300+ professionals before securing your artist.

What is Tousled?
Tousled works with a network of dozens of highly skilled and specialized bridal stylsits who are licensed, vetted, and have fully mobile styling kits to serve you at the location of your choice.  With Tousled, you don’t have to call around and see who is available for your popular wedding day.  Just book with Tousled and we’ll reach out to our network to find the stylists that are available on your day.

After Tousled has determined who is available, we can match you with the best fit or you can choose among available stylists by reviewing portfolios of their work online.  Just let us know.

Bridal hair and makeup packages including trial (that is 4 services that all come to you at your location) start at $375 and hair and makeup packages for moms and maids on the wedding day are $130/each person.

Is Tousled available for my wedding?
Yes! Tousled works with hundreds of licensed and vetted professionals across Washington, guaranteeing a bridal artist for your wedding day.  Our large network of professionals means we can match you with as many stylists as needed for your party so your services can be done in about 3 hours.

Do Tousled Professionals Travel to Me?
All Tousled professionals travel to clients for services that also include skin care, nails, massage or even grooming for the guys in your party.

How far in advance will I need to book my appointment?
Tousled works with a large networks of highly trained, licensed and vetted stylists, including bridal specialists. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular days for all kinds of services, especially for brides during bridal season (May-October).  The earlier you book, the more stylists will be available to you.   

Will I get the same Professional at my trial as on my Wedding day?
Absolutely! The same bridal artist who does your trial services will also be with you on your wedding day.

Areas serviced
Tousled’s network of professionals extends throughout Western Washington.  If for some reason there is not a professional available at the time or location of your booking, Tousled will let you know as soon as possible and will promptly refund your money in full, of course.

Tipping is at the client’s discretion and is greatly appreciated by the professionals.  If you choose to tip, you may do so at time of booking, in person with cash, or after your appointment through the website or app.  

Who will my Professional be?
The best part about Tousled is that you can customize your bridal package. You can either:

  • Choose your own professional from those available for your date
  • Choose to be matched with a professional

After we receive your $150 deposit, we’ll reach out to our network of professionals to see who is available for your date.
Want to know more about who might be your professional? Browse our gallery of stylists: Each stylist has a Tousled Portfolio where you can browse photos, read reviews and see how big their following is.  

How should I prepare for my appointment?
Preparing your space: Please have a designated area for our service providers to set up their products and tools, preferably near an outlet with a chair/stool and a surface area for stylists tools and products. Please keep crate or otherwise keep pets apart from the service area.

How Much Are Travel Fees?
Travel fees are usually included in the price but additional fees may apply for further distances from Seattle or ferry travel. In some cases surge pricing may occur for travel during prime wedding dates (i.e., summer Saturdays).

How Do I Book?
You can book online, directly through our app or website: The Tousled Bridal booking experience lets you customize your entire package, and submit a $150 deposit so we can reach out to our network and see who is available.
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How Does Matching Work?
Unlike other bridal styling services, with Tousled you can choose your stylist or let Tousled match you.  With so much to do, many brides are happy to let us pick the best stylist for their day.  But other brides want to make their own connection to their beauty professional.  If you prefer to choose, your Tousled booking will link you to the portfolios of all available stylists for your review. Once your stylist has been assigned to your booking, you can message her, add inspiration photos to your booking, include your wedding party in the planning, and work out a day for your trial, where you finalize your wedding look.

How Does Payment Work?
Tousled requires a $150 deposit to initiate our recruitment of a bridal stylist for your day and pay for your trial. Once the details and deposit are received, Tousled creates a formal booking with the final price for your services. The balance of your payment is due no later than 30 days before your wedding.  You can add friends and family to your booking and payments can be made by any member at any time.

Bridal Refunds
If you cancel your trial before the 24 hour deadline, you will receive a refund. After 24 hours you will be charged the full trial amount ($150).  If you choose not to go forward after the trial, you will not be charged beyond that. For wedding day bookings, please note that the bridal stylists are very busy and have reserved time for your booking and have given up the chance to do other bridal jobs so the policies are different.  If you cancel your bridal booking with more than a month to go, there is no charge.  If you cancel your bridal booking in 3 weeks, you will be charged 10%.  If you cancel your bridal booking in 2 weeks you will be charge 25%.  If you cancel within the week it is 50% charge.

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