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      How do I book an on-demand service?
All bookings must be made online through our website: Select your service, enter date, time & location details and submit payment. Once booked, you will be notified through email – and sometimes SMS – about updates to your booking. All bookings require payment in advance.

         Do I pay for my service(s) in advance or after it’s complete?
All services must be paid for in advance. Payment must be made online through our app or website; we do not accept cash, only credit cards. 

Does Tousled service my area?
The network of Tousled professionals serves Washington, where bookings made in the greater Seattle area (within 25 mi) having the highest reliability. All services must be paid online and in advance.

          Can I share my phone number with professionals?
No – Tousled does not allow clients and professionals to share personal contact information. Communicating with a professional outside Tousled results marks void our service guarantee. You can communicate with Tousled professionals directly through the app or website.

          How can I get in contact with my professional?
After a professional has been matched, you can message your professional directly through your Tousled booking. Simply login, open your booking and message your professional from the open text box (see screenshot below).

          How does Tousled vet/screen professionals?
Tousled ensures only licensed professionals are offering on-demand service on the platform. We collect license information from the professional and display it clearly on their Tousled portfolio (see screenshot below).
Often, Tousled professionals are invited on-site to do an audition with us. The audition helps us ensure that professionals are prepared, on time and have a professional mobile kit. If a professional fails their audition, their portfolio is deactivated such that they can no longer take jobs.

          What licenses do professionals carry?

Professional licenses vary by state. In the state of Washington, Tousled checks for the following licenses:

o   Cosmetology, Barbering or Hair Design: these licenses enable professionals to cut, color, & style hair. This license requires 1600 hours of practice before securing the license

o   Massage License: this license enables professionals to perform full body massage.

o   Makeup: Makeup does not require a license in the state of Washington. We require that makeup artists carry professional and general liability insurance (see below)

In addition to professional service licenses, Tousled also requires professionals to submit proof of general liability insurance. Tousled professionals are covered for professional liability under the Tousled professional liability policy.

          I have some questions about Tousled – is there a phone number I can call?
Tousled does not have a call center. The fastest way to receive a response to your questions is by email. If you have questions that are not answered on the website, please email us at:

          How does an on-site haircut/makeup/blowout/massage work?
Your Tousled professional will bring everything they need to take care of your service. All you need to do is provide the space and easy access to water source or lighting. Professionals setup and take down the equipment themselves – our professional motto is: leave no trace.



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