Professional FAQ

Have questions about freelancing with Tousled? Look no further! The questions below will you navigate what’s like to pick up freelance gigs through the Tousled App. 

  • How does the pay and commission structure work on Tousled?
    Professionals set their own rates and hours on Tousled. Professionals using the platform to find new jobs are not required to take a minimum number of jobs – take only the jobs you want, and a rate that works you. Jobs on the Tousled platform have a set of fields shared with professionals including: time, date, price, location, etc – only after a professionals consents to a job might they be matched for it. Each professional has their own price sheet and rates, which is set by the individual stylist/salon owner. If a client requests a professional, then the platform honors the professional’s rates (this feature is still under construction). Here’s how clients can request a pro (see attached).


  • What is the amount of the fee I’m charged if I missed an appointment?
     You will be charged 100% of the appointment. Last minute cancellations from professionals hurt the entire community. This fee goes toward finding a replacement professional, or offering the client a gift certificate to try us again. The policy is not about taking money from professionals, rather providing clients with a great experience.
  • If I were to take appointments downtown Seattle, am I always responsible for parking? Does parking ever get validated for the stylist? 
    Yes, you are responsible parking. Tousled connects you to clients who have paid for services in your area. We use geolocation to discern which jobs are in your service area such that you are only notified about jobs relevant to you – be sure to have your service radius appropriately set in the your portfolio.
  • How do I set up an audition to meet with the team, and showcase my skills?
    We invite our professionals to setup an audition by emailing us at Please include 3 times, within the next two weeks, that you are available.  We’d likely have you do a basic service – like a blowout – with our matchmaking team. Please be advised that a quality service is only one part of the audition; we are looking for your ability to: arrive/leave on time, communicate effectively, arrive prepared, maintain cleanliness and provide a professional experience.
  • How do you determine who is a celebrity/red carpet Stylist? 
    Proof of acclaim and publication is required to be tagged as an editorial and red carpet artists. This can be provided by supplying the publication, portfolio of work and references. Our team verifies the content and source of the provided work; your Tousled portfolio is subsequently tagged as an editorial or celebrity artist

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