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My hair is crazy thick and curly, but I so love occasionally subjecting a poor stylist to the painstaking process of smoothing out my curls into the perfect blowout. It simplifies my getting ready routine for days afterward, and it makes me feel so glamorous! The trouble is, how do I fit it into my already-busy schedule? An hour of washing, brushing, blow-drying, smoothing, flat-ironing and/or curling plus the travel time to and from the salon, and trying to find parking…well, that is just not going to fit very often.  Enter Tousled!  When I first heard about Tousled’s come-to-me beauty services, I thought it was too good to be true!

I booked an appointment one morning so that I could go work out, shower, and be waiting for Brooke with wet hair when she arrived.  When she showed up, she was not only incredibly sweet but also ready for anything. She was so flexible about where we’d sit for the service, and she was ready with all kinds of cords and equipment to adapt to any situation.  In fact, because it was such a nice morning and she was so well-prepared, we decided to sit on my balcony.  While she set up and plugged in her equipment, we talked about what I wanted. She was so attentive and asked a couple of clarifying questions, and by the time we started, I felt completely comfortable that she understood exactly what I wanted.

She worked efficiently but was attentive and friendly throughout.  With the sound of the blow dryer, we couldn’t talk much, but she struck the perfect balance between doing the task at hand (wrangling my hair into a proper blowout) and friendly chatter.  She was done in about 30 minutes after we started, which is record time!  And my hair was gorgeous – smooth but with some body, soft, silky, and with enough staying power to last for the next few days but without a ton of products.

I would absolutely recommend Brooke – and Tousled – to any of my friends. It is a magic combination of allowing you to be pampered with fitting into your busy schedule.  And Brooke was professional, adaptable, prepared, sweet, and incredibly talented.  I could not be more happy!

Written by Kristin Smith, COO of Dolly

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