Don’t Plan Your Wedding Until You Answer These Questions

You have a wedding to plan but where to start?  There are so many decisions to make from the big ones like choosing a venue, picking a dress and deciding on a band or a DJ, to the smaller but still important choices from wedding colors to seating to guest gifts. With so much to do, it is easy to get lost in the trees and not see the forest as a whole.

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But don’t be overwhelmed! My cousin Caitlin was in the same boat, but after sitting down and following these simple wedding rules life became a whole lot easier. By answering these 4 simple questions, the personality of your wedding will become clearer and the small decisions will almost make themselves.

  1. How should my wedding reflect my personality?

Nailing down how we want our wedding to represent us as a couple can be tricky. People can be goofy with their siblings and then professional and clean cut on the job. Do you have an intimate side that you want your wedding reflect, or do you want your wedding to be edgy? Sifting through different shades of your personality can sound daunting, but when you work through these decisions your wedding template will be revealed. To narrow things down, start by asking yourself these four questions and deciding which style you relate to the most.

Are you…

… traditional and classic?

… playful and unexpected?

… modern and urban?

… or rustic and natural?

For Caitlin’s wedding we knew we wanted to go with a sophisticated atmosphere with golden colors and traditional grandeur. We attributed a classic and timeless personality to her wedding, and went from there.

  1. Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter?

The season you choose will be strongly influenced by the tone and personality you want your big day to have. Going for more intimate and cozy with a rustic feel? Winter might be the way to go; cold nights, warm fires, and close family and friends to celebrate ‘you’ becoming a ‘we’. A spring wedding on the other hand reflects a more playful and whimsical personality. Let your fun side reign as the world blossoms around you! Remember, depending on the season the price of your wedding will differ. Rates and prices offered by vendors will be affected by the season, with summer being one of the most popular wedding seasons while winter is more budget-friendly.


When Caitlin was crafting the idea of her wedding, she wanted to reflect her classic side, with a nod to the formality and timelessness of a traditional wedding. Eventually, we decided that the beginning of fall wedding would be perfect for the grand and golden atmosphere that she was craving.

  1. First the ring, then the venue, then the dress.

Now that you’ve made some decisions, you will naturally rule out certain venues and rule in others. Is it going to be colder weather? Take this into account when planning where the majority of the celebration will take place. Are you going for a traditional and classic wedding? Think big with a ballroom for the whole nine yards – a hotel is perfect for this occasion. For those of us that want a modern flare, try a local museum or gallery. This type of venue adds a twist of chic culture to your wedding and gives your guests an extra bit of entertainment throughout the day.

Before you go all out and set your heart on a specific venue, it’s extremely important that you consider the size of your wedding and the budget that you have to spend on your venue. The bigger the party, the higher the price.


After deliberation, Caitlin came to the conclusion that she wanted to bring in the outdoors while keeping Grandma happy with a traditional setting. A garden ballroom at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel became the best option. With a bay of floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light pours in while the room retains a timeless and classic elegance. Now, she just needed a dress to match the occasion which boils down to one question; what style of gown fits the theme and the scene?

Let’s face it, guests come to see the bride. The party is great, the food sublime, but all the air leaves the room when the bride makes her entrance. Choosing the dress is such an important event that many brides think it is harder than finding the right person to marry!  Unless you buy wedding dresses all the time, there is no substitute for professional guidance.  Professional bridal consultants at boutiques like Seattle’s Belltown Bride are trained to help you identify the best looks for your shape and your setting. At this point in your wedding journey, hopefully you can put some parameters around your search.  After all, you decided on the tone and personality, the season and the venue so you can rule out some styles.  Going for the beach on Maui?  A heavy silk satin ballgown is probably not going to look the best with a lei.  A flowy, romantic and earthy chiffon gown will do the trick, though.


A strapless lace gown with a trumpet-shaped bottom created a beautiful silhouette that Caitlin fell in love with. Beneath the lace was a sheath of gold material that set the stage – summer was fading and the glamor of the holiday season was on the horizon.

  1. How to finish the look with hair and makeup?

After so much time spent crafting the perfect event that reflects your personality and vision, it is time to take care of the most important item on the menu; you! We can all freely admit that applying makeup is an art, and on your big day who has time to watch a million YouTube videos to figure out how to contour one cheekbone? (The answer is no one). When it comes to wedding hair and makeup you want a professional that will come to your venue and make you feel pampered and look stunning. A makeup artist or hair stylist will know what colors will compliment your features, what hairstyles will work with your dress, and how to make you stand out in all of the best ways – both in person and in pictures since after all, when the day is over, your photos will endure. Experts in the field, they will be able to take all of your wedding details and create a beautiful look tailored to you. With a glam squad by your side, you will look and feel like the bride you have always envisioned.

Tousled offers various bridal hair and makeup packages to ensure brides feel their best on their big day. At Tousled, you can browse various bridal stylists portfolios, look through their Instagrams, read reviews, and see what looks each stylist specializes in. With hundreds of hair and makeup professionals, they’ll be able to find you your perfect match.


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