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BELLEVUE, Wash — Going out on the town with your girlfriends is always fun. But for Catherine Filley, tonight is extra special.

“So we are going out for my bachelorette party. I have no idea what anybody has planned.” Said Filley.

The only thing she does know is that thanks to a local company, she and her friends are going out, looking good.

“So the name of our company is Tousled, and we are an app that brings beauty on demand.” Said Priya Dandawate, co-owner of Tousled.

Think of them as the UBER for hair and beauty, tousled helps provide a variety of styling services to those on the go.

“You can book hairstylist, makeup artist, barbers, massage therapist directly to you, all through your smartphone.” Said Dandawate.

For Filley and her friends, it was far easier to have Tousled’s team of mobile makeup artist meet them at their room at the Bellevue Hilton than working around a schedule of a salon.

“Trying to get a bunch of different people come to a salon and having to make an appointment is really, really a big hassle. So having them come to us is a huge benefit.”

“We save them a lot of time and hassle and we have such a large network of service providers more than two hundred local professionals throughout the Seattle area, so we have someone close to our clients no matter where they are.” Said Melissa Albert, co-owner of Tousled.

From wedding days to bedridden patients, the online service has been a big help to those with a busy schedule and to those who want to avoid something truly ugly.

“People are just basically really appreciate that they don’t have to head out in this famous Seattle area traffic.” Said Albert.

After a couple of hours of hair and makeup, Filley is ready for her big night to begin.

“I love it. It’s definitely not something I could pull off on my own.” Said Filley.

“They know when all those pictures are captured and put up on Facebook and Instagram they’re all going to look great in all of them.” Said Albert.

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