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Getting a blowout, an updo, or makeup done will no longer require a trip to the salon. In fact, you won’t even have to get out of your pajamas. Ladies, keep an eye out for Vera. The new beauty service coming to Seattle will bring your own personal glam squad right to your living room.

In a “why didn’t I think of that” moment, the brains behind Vera wondered, if you can use an app to summon an Uber car or food to your doorstep, why not a hair and makeup stylist? The founders understand how difficult it can be for working women and busy moms to carve out “me time.” Vera wants to help make that easier.

The vision for Vera is to launch an app that will serve as the ultimate matchmaking service for stylists and clients. Think Instagram for hair and beauty. Women will be able to look at reviews, portfolios, and prices before choosing a stylist and booking appointments.

Right now, Vera is still in the early stages, but you could be the among the first to test out the experience. The company is inviting both stylists and clients to sign up for the “VIP Beta Experience” to help build up reviews and pictures on the website.

Women who want to help launch this living room luxury service (and work through some of the kinks) can sign up to be a beta tester online. There are still a few spots to fill before the testing phase kicks off in early November. “This is our vetting process for stylists,” said Priya Dandawate, Vera Beauty CEO. “It’s kind of like we’re opening the doors right now, but then we’ll be starting the party next month.”

Vera plans to be a platform for stylists to reach new at-home clientele through an online style portfolio. Stylists will be able to set their own service menu and pricing.

“It’s so hard in this industry to get a clientele, so working in a salon is not ideal because you have to totally focus on your career to get where you want to go,” said stylist Ain Mulindwa. “I would much rather freelance because you can do your own thing, you can be as creative as you want. You don’t have any limitations.”

Glamor in your PJ’s? Yeah, we’re all in! The full-fledged app is still a few months away. Vera expects to continue the testing phase for about three to six months, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on this up and coming company.

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